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Our Group

Eastman Impex Group endeavours to stay ahead of the competition by innovating new products and orienting our services to serve competitive and demanding markets. Drives for diversification are planned while taking cognizance of our existing resources and developing synergy among them. This enable us fast execution of product development and focussed penetration.

Eastman epitomises the very meaning of a quality driven organization providing value-for-money products & services.

JVR Forgings Ltd is the leading supplier of precision Forged, Pressed Steel, Machined components, Fabricated *amp; Casted components. Originating as a small manufacturing facility in Ludhiana (India) in 1997, it now comprises of 3 manufacturing facilities that operate in diverse fields like Automotive, Railways, Bearning, Heavy Fabrication, Scaffolding, formwork and construction industry components.

Underlying the success of the group is an ethos of commitment to the values of Quality, Service and Reliability. Continuous innovation and close customer interaction have enabled the group to consolidate it.

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